So You Think You Can Dance is back for a new season with new judges, a new set (with 120 cameras that render those incredible 360 shots we’ve been seeing on their social media), and new dancers. To kick it off this week, the judges sat down for the first round of auditions.

Auditions began in Los Angeles, California, and the first dancer we got to see was fashionista and hip hop dancer Dezi  Saenz who wants to represent girls and hip hop with her “attackful” style. With the judges screaming and hopping out of their seats to her incredible body control and rhythmic ability (and it was all freestyle!), Dezi was the perfect start to the auditions and the season.

Among the first auditions of Season 16 were some familiar faces. Stephanie Sosa is back after being cut last season, and she brought her brother Ezra as her ballroom partner. Yes, they got all the yes’s they needed for a pair of golden tickets. Matthew Deloch also returned after tearing his meniscus, and he moved D-Trix and the rest of the judges to a unanimous golden ticket YES! Laurieann even had some wise words for him about the Ailey School where she trained as a dancer.

The auditions continued with incredible performances, and even with the moments we only get short clips of, there are so many dancers on our “To Keep Up With” list, we’re not sure how we’ll ever keep track! But the contestants aren’t the only ones setting Season 16 up for success. The new judges’ panel has chemistry and liveliness that keeps the feedback as exciting to listen to as the performances are to watch. Season 16 is sure to keep us on the edges of our seats all summer.

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