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CLC is a South Korean girl group. The group’s seven members Seunghee, Yujin, Seungyeon, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie, and Eunbin made their debut in 2015, and have been gathering a massive following ever since. Their YouTube channel has over 290,000 subscribers, and theirĀ music videos accumulate millions of views. Why? Their videos and songs are dynamic, catchy earworms that you will absolutely want to dance to (even if you don’t speak Korean)!

The group’s latest project is a Mini Album calledĀ Black Dress. The album’s title song, like the rest of their music is upbeat and exciting. What’s even more exciting about the song? CLC’s dance moves. In a recent feature with 1theK, a worldwide K-Pop channel and record label, CLC performed to their song “Black Dress.” But there’s a catch. Only a few moments in the video are played normally. The rest is played in reverse, so you get to experience the choreography in reverse.

Somehow watching the choreography in reverse makes the song even more powerful. Creating choreography that will be seen in reverse must be an incredible challenge.