Billie Eilish just dropped her first song of 2021. While we’ve been waiting for new music since she released her single “Therefore I Am” in November 2020, Billie has been gearing up to release a completely new project. Her latest song, “Lo Vas A Olvidar” is a Spanish collab with Rosalía.

“Lo Vas A Olvidar” (“Will You Forget It?” in English) is the first Latin track Billie has added her talents to, and she did more than stick in a toe. The majority of the song is in Spanish! She and Rosalía harmonize on the ethereal track about hurting someone that you were once close with.

While the song is brand new to our ears, Billie and Rosalía actually started writing “Lo Vas A Olvidar” in January 2019! When they wrote it, Billie’s co-creator suggested that they write in English, but Billie insisted that they create something in Spanish. “It’s beautiful,” she told Zane Lowe in a recent interview with Apple Music.

Despite the new song, Billie isn’t letting anything slip about her forthcoming sophomore album. Will she embrace more influences from other languages in her project? We’re counting the days until we can find out. Until then, we’ll be brushing up on our Spanish to fully appreciate Billie and Rosalía’s new song.

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