“Never be afraid to be a poppy in a field of daffodils.”-Micheala DePrince



Michaela DePrince

Michaela was born in  Sierra Leone during the country’s decade-long civil war. During that time Micheala lost both parents. Her father to the war and her mother due to illness. After being forced to live with an uncle, she was then given to an orphanage where she was treated horribly due to a condition known as vitiligo.

One day while walking through her village Michaela saw a ballerina on the cover of a magazine article that was blowing in the wind. On that day she knew that she wanted to be just like the “fairy on her tippy-toes” that she saw on that page.

Not long after Michaela was adopted by two loving parents from the USA. When she arrived she showed her new mother the magazine cover and the rest was history. Through her strive, natural talent and dedication Micheala was able to become a professional ballerina. She has appeared on dancing with the stars, and has danced with numerous prestigious dance companies as a member and apprentice.

We are proud of your perseverance Michaela and for that you embody what black history month is all about. Thank you!



Below is a clip from the documentary “Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina”. It details the struggle of this vibrant dancer along with details about her memoir.


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