BRING IT ON: CHEER OR DIE — Pictured: (l-r) Kerri Medders as Abby, Sierra Holder as Jackie — (Photo by: David Bukach/SYFY)

The latest installment in the Bring It On franchise isn’t for the faint of heart. Just in time for spooky season, the classic cheer competition series is back and taking on the slasher genre.

While previous Bring It On movies have been light-hearted competition comedies, Bring It On: Cheer or Die is a bit darker. Co-captains Abby (Kerri Medders) and McKayla (Tiera Skovbye) aren’t going to let their cheer team get shown up by a rival school, but the Diablos are forbidden from doing stunts by their school principal (Missi Pyle).

The squad comes up with a plan to practice in the old abandoned high school, but things quickly start to go wrong. The Diablos winning regionals routine isn’t the only thing in danger. The cheerleaders are disappearing one by one, and they might just be locked in the school with a killer. Armed with school spirit, high school drama, and their cheer skills, the Diablos will have to take on a murderous mascot if they want to survive and have a comeback at regionals (which the Diablos seemingly haven’t attended since a fatal cheer accident 20 years before).

If you’re hoping for more cheer and dance, don’t worry about missing out. While the characters fight for their lives, there will be plenty of flips, lifts, bows, and sparkles, and of course, like all of our Bring It On favorites, there’s a cheer competition to win!

Bring It On: Cheer or Die premiered on SYFY on October 8.