It might not surprise you that Brittany Perry Russell and Isaiah Russell Bailey are TikTokers. The mother/son acting and dancing duo has been dancing their way through this unexpected summer of lockdowns and quarantine practices with TikTok’s help. We caught up with them to find out how TikTok became their family hobby.

When lockdown started, Brittany and Isaiah were looking for things to do like the rest of us, and it’s no surprise that TikTok was one of the first things they turned to. “Isaiah thought it would be a fun activity for us when the lockdown started,” Brittany shared. “It’s become one of our favorite things to do as a family.”


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Now, they love making family dance videos on their TikTok (@russellhustleinc) where they come up with choreography for songs they like as well as participate in the platform’s viral challenges. Their current favorite TikTok is one of their recent creations, a lip-sync to Wild ‘N Out star Vena E. they did with choreographer Phil Wright. “Our followers went crazy over it!” Brittany said. “It’s our favorite because we had so much fun getting into character.”

Like many people impacted by lockdowns and quarantine routines, Brittany and Isaiah have turned TikTok into an everyday activity rather than just a social media platform. “It’s become a bonding activity because it brings people together,” Brittany said about the platform. “It’s fun to post solo videos, but when you get to post with people you love, it creates lasting memories.”

When we asked about TikTok’s role in uplifting users like Brittany and Isaiah, Brittany said, “I see TikTok as an uplifting and educational platform as well. It’s an app where creators can explore so many sides of their personality. We’re always inspired by the cool content people come up with.” The community-driven interactions and the candid nature of the platform make it the perfect place to dance and laugh. “We like that it’s an app that doesn’t make you feel like you have to be perfect. You can just be you, and have a good time,” she said, and in the times we’re living in having a good time at home is exactly the outlet we need.


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For this duo, being themselves and having a good time comes with all of their acting and dancing talents. “We’re performers, so we both have to tap into character for dance and acting jobs,” Brittany said. All of these skills come out in their TikToks. “When dancing, doing skits, or lip-syncing, you have to get into character as well.” Does that make Brittany and Isaiah professional TikTokers?

You might be scrolling through TikTok looking for a laugh, but Brittany and Isaiah have found that the platform is the most fun when you get up and dance–especially if you have someone to dance with!

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