Tween girl group Run The World made its debut earlier this summer with their uplifting track “Rainbow” and a mission to inspire and empower kids their age to stay positive by using music and dance as an outlet for creative expression.

Now, Run The World is back with a new single. “Diamond Hearts” is just as catchy as “Rainbow,” and we’re excited to see how Run The World’s stars, Kheris Rogers, Hayley LeBlanc, Jessalyn Grace, and Corinne Joy bring their new sound and their dance moves together and how their fans use the song to continue to spread the group’s positive message.

“Rainbow” and “Diamond Hearts” are both on the setlist for the group’s next performance. Taking part in the Justice World Experience on Sunday, August 16 at 8PM ET, Run The World will be part of a lineup of tween and teen stars including Lilly Ketchman and Gavin Magnus. The virtual event will take place on Justice’s YouTube channel and is a celebration of the release of the Justice X Jam Jr. collection centered on the unstoppable power of girls.

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