So many dancers share their incredible headshots and poses in photos online. The tag #dancersofinstagram has nearly 800,000 posts of dancers showing off their moves in photos and videos. Renowned dance company Jacob Jonas The Company has been pushing the online community beyond the screen with #CamerasandDancers. A collaboration of dancers, venues, and fans wrapped up in an Instagram account, #CamerasandDancers organizes monthly 3-4 Instameets (meetups for Instagram personalities and their fans).

During these meetups, artists, Instagram photographers, dance companies, and venues all come together to bring dancers and their fans together. During the hours spent together, the artists collaborate together. The photos are posted all over social media, and some of the best are the ones you see on the #CamerasandDancers account.

This month, they are celebrating a milestone. They have put together 50 meetups where art and audience could come together in real life. From Jordan Matter to Sam Morrison, photos have been taken by photographers we all can’t get enough of. And dance co-hosts include companies like The Los Angeles Ballet and even The Royal Ballet in London.

On his website, Jacob Jonas celebrates the success of the movement, saying, “We thank all the dancers, dance companies, photographers, architectural firms and cultural institutions for making this project come to life and sharing in the power of collaboration with millions of people from around the world.”

To see all of the incredible pictures they have collected visit @DancersandCameras on Instagram or check out their full list of dancers, hosts, and influencers on Jacob Jonas’ website.

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