Pop R&B artist Cooper Phillip has a lot of questions, and she’s not afraid to ask them. Her recent single “The Answers” with Durand Bernarr takes on those questions that we might forget to look inward and reflect on.

Starting music school at just 5 years old, Cooper was always a child of the arts. “I was inspired by the opera and ballet theater I grew up at,” she told us. “My parents played in a symphony orchestra and I was able to enjoy classical music very early on. I played harp and piano and then started taking singing classes at age 10.”

That depth of musical experience shows in her work, like her latest single “The Answers” which is inspired by the atmosphere of questioning spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic. “I was inspired to talk about our society when I saw people struggling with the answers during the pandemic,” Cooper said. This is a song about asking yourself those hard questions and moving forward with those answers. The questions? For Cooper, some of those questions are “Am I happy?,” “Am I doing what I truly love?,” “Can I be more fearless?,” and “What scares Me?”

The song was created in collaboration with R&B artist Durand Bernarr who Cooper met around the time she wrote the song. “We decided to collaborate, and I played some of my original unreleased songs to Durand, and he really liked this one,” Cooper told us. From there, “The Answers” came together and even led to a “super fun, creative, and challenging” music video that includes them both.

“The Answers” is Cooper’s first release of 2023, and we can’t help but notice she started on a high note. This work has been a long time coming, though. She shared with us that she has been working on the songs she’s planning to release this year, including an EP, since 2020. “I am super excited to share this music with the planet.”

You can stream “The Answers” and it’s music video now! “I feel that my music tells a story,” Cooper said of her work. “I know that everyone will find an important meaning in my music for themselves!”

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