Producer MC Blitzy, Louis Fonzi, and Nicole Scherzinger teamed up to recreate the 1979 classic “D.I.S.C.O.” by Ottowan for the Bingo Blitz mobile game, and we’re loving the moves they used to bring the dance-based song into 2021.

Choreographed by Nicole Kirkland, the video follows Luis Fonzi and Nicole Scherzinger through a hotel, a New York subway, and even downtown Tokyo. (Get this: It was all filmed in Miami.) This is the first time they have collaborated, but we think their chemistry is pretty obvious.

In the original song, performers–and the audience if you’re in at the disco, spell out disco, describing a woman with each letter. For ‘C’ they might say she’s “sweet as candy” or “super cute!” Luis and Nicole do spell “Bingo!” in the song, but they change it up by using the name of the game to mean that the speaker has “won” (Bingo!) by finding her.

The song is for a game, but Nicole Scherzinger hopes it does a little more than get people to enjoy Bingo as much as she does (she grew up playing it with her family). She told HOLA! USA, “…right now, we could all enjoy uplifting and light hearted music and that’s exactly what this song is, so I hope that it gets people moving and singing along.”