The latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to hit the worldwide records is Captain Marvel. Starring Brie Larson, the movie has already started raking in massive amounts of money and excitement from superhero fans and girls looking for another powerful woman to place alongside Wonder Woman in the lineup of standalone female superheroes.

After only two weeks in theaters, the movie is set to enter its third weekend with profits approaching $900 million. That means that Marvel’s first female-led movie is the biggest of its kind and the second-largest comic book adaptation today.

People are clearly excited to see some girl power on screen. The film has received high marks on Rotten Tomatoes (79%) and other movie-rating platforms. Why? Because as Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers says in his review of Captain Marvel, it “radiates our moment right now.”

And it does. Bree Larsen plays Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in a way that allows viewers to get all of the internal struggles of the character and the amazing superhero work all at once. She is relatable and tough, and that’s what we all love to see in a female lead, especially one with super strength and an arch nemesis.