Tween actor Celestina Harris started her “movie/TV adventure” when she was just 8 years old. Inspired by her older sister’s love of theater acting, she decided to try her hand at shooting local commercials before signing with an agency. Now, she’s bringing her excitement for acting into her schedule with her many extracurricular activities. We talked to Celestina about her latest projects, and doing everything from sports to school with a budding acting career.

Celestina’s most recent appearance is in the series Dr. Death. She plays Lizzi, the daughter of Benita (played by Mandy Moore). Two and a half months of filming gave Celestina plenty of time to tap into Lizzi’s character. She shared that she related most to Lizzi’s love of fashion. “I loved every single outfit Lizzi wore on the show.” Fashion is one of the ways that Celestina gets into character. “What would Lizzi wear?” is one of the questions she asks herself in the days before coming on set.

While she was working on the show, Celestina wasn’t just living her fashion dreams, she was experiencing New York City, too. She remembers living in NYC and spending time with the cast and production team behind the scenes and even snagging time to watch the filming of other scenes. “Everyone became my family on set, and I miss them so much,” she said. Filmed last year during the holidays, her set family made sure she was comfortable away from home and even decorated her room on set for Christmas.

Along with Dr. Death and Yuletide the Knot (a holiday romance out this year), Celestina is busy, like as many hobbies as you can imagine busy. She enjoys sketching and watercolor, drawing people and things around her. She is also a volleyball and soccer player and swimmer who competes when her acting leaves time in her schedule during those sports’ seasons. This year she was excited to complete the seasons for all three. She also plays basketball and even does gymnastics and dance, and when she’s not acting, she attends school in person, does youth choir and Honor Society, and volunteers with her family. No big deal, right?

With so much going on in her day-to-day, it’s no surprise to learn that Celestina has big goals. Right now, she has her heart set on travel. “My biggest goal in my acting career is to book something that I need my passport for,” she told us. “I’d love to go somewhere I have never been. I love going on adventures in new areas.” Other than jet-setting to faraway places, Celestina wants to take on the spotlight and book a lead role in a movie or series.

Celestina told us that her favorite movie is The Greatest Showman, but we’re starting to thing that it might be her that is the greatest at taking it all on and creating magic. You never know what she might be working on—We did ask, but her lips are sealed!—so we’ll be following along to see what’s next.

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