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Hip hop is a dance language driven by a dancer’s ability to communicate with music and themselves through movement. Because of this, hip hop is driven by how you feel from moment to moment. Thinking about the way you communicate with the world around you the same way hip hop dancers understand their relationship with music and dance is an easy way to feel more free every day.

Go With the Flow

It can be easy to get caught up in trying to do things “the right way.” Hip hop dancers are some of the greatest freestylers in the dance world. They take the music as it is and bring the rhythms and lyrics to life in the moment. This requires knowledge of dancing and technique, but it does not require pre-planning.
Sometimes you need to take a step back and freestyle your way through life even if it is just for a day. Trying to plan everything will only stress you out.

Don’t Limit Yourself

In hip hop, you rarely have to worry about what everyone else is doing. It is constantly evolving through individual interpretations of the world and the stories they want to tell through their dance. Life is the same way!
Don’t focus on what those around you are doing. Your progress and your focuses will likely be very different from your friends’ and family’s. Evolve in the areas you need to evolve, not in the areas other people are focusing on.

Treat Every Day Like a Party

Hip hop is a party dance. It’s the fun and individuality your bring to the dance floor when you are hanging out with your friends. When you are at a party (and especially when you are dancing at a party), you are not thinking about anything. You are simply living for the fun your are having!
Treat every day like that party where you are dancing your heart out. Think about every move and decision make as the next step toward that move that makes everyone cheer for you.

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