A major part of every routine you take to competition is the music behind it, so choosing the perfect song is key. There are lots of things to consider from your students’ skill level to the amount of time you have to rehearse with the song you choose, but these four guidelines might just be the most important.

Be Unique

Even though you might be obsessed with Taylor Swift’s latest song, chances are everyone else is too. Pick a song that will make you stand out to the judges by choosing a song that has interest without being the obvious choice.

Pick Something Your Students Love

If your students don’t want to dance to it, why choose it? Pick a song that you like and that your students like as well. This doesn’t mean that they should have exclusive veto power or that you have to please everyone, but there should be a general consensus that the song you choose is fun and interesting. If your students don’t mesh with the song, they won’t perform it as well as a song they do like.

Match Moves

Don’t pick a song that your choreography would clash with. If you’re picking an upbeat song, you’re going to want to pair it with faster combinations. Every performance tells a story, and the best stories work well with their background music.

Consider Age

Even if a song matches the three suggestions above, it might not be appropriate for the age of your students. You might love one of Bruno Mars’ forgotten hits, but it might be a bit too suggestive for your mini group. Even though they may not understand the lyrics, the judges and the audience will, and having students dance to lyrics above their age group might make people uncomfortable.

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