via Collaboraction / PEACEBOOK

Dance and charity are coming together this Saturday, August 26th at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago. A collaboration between Chicago contemporary theater Collaboraction and the Goodman Theatre, the second annual PEACEBOOK Festival will feature 21 original dance, music, and theater performances.

The festival will showcase emerging and established artists from neighborhoods all over Chicago. PEACEBOOK is Collaboractions way of engaging artists, audiences, and communities across Chicago to come together to fight issues faced by the city and encourage peace and togetherness.

via Collaboraction / PEACEBOOK

After its day-long run of premieres Saturday, the festival’s acts will be divided into three seven-work compilations set to tour the Chicago Park District this fall. There will also be panel discussions, dance battles, and free community meals accompanying these performances.

Find out more about PEACEBOOK and the events happening this weekend here.


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