Star of the Netflix drama Justine (2019), Daisy Prescott isn’t letting quarantine and social-distancing keep her from being busy and entertained. We caught up with Daisy to ask her about all of the ways she’s keeping her to-do list full and her creativity flowing.

Fashion and Family TV

Daisy has been turning to family adventures like the sitcom The Big Show Show and the series of strange events that happen to the Baudelaire children in A Series of Unfortunate Events while also staying up to date on the latest in fashion TV. “I just finished binging The Big Show Show and A Series of Unfortunate Events,” she said. “My mom and I watch Top Chef on Bravo and Making the Cut. And, of course, we love Justine!”

A Supernatural Soundtrack

Disney’s Zombies 2 came out in February, but Daisy is still loving the zombie and werewolf-filled soundtrack. “I love jamming to [it],” she told us.

A Book for Every Occasion

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“I am always reading several different books at once,” Daisy said. “I’m reading the second series of Warrior Cats, Book 6 in the Dork Diaries series; I love the Twisted Tale books, too. We are also listening to Harry Potter in the car.” If you want to keep up with Daisy, it looks like you’re going to have to expand your current TBR.

Seriously Scientific Podcasts

Daisy likes to add a bit of science to her podcasting entertainment. “We recently discovered (and love) the science podcast called Brains On!, and I enjoy The Adventures of Finn Caspian which is a sci-fi story podcast.”

Getting Creative

“I’m taking my regular tap/ballet/jazz dance class via Zoom,” Daisy shared when we asked her what dance looks like for her right now. “My sister and I also like to act out scenes from my old auditions or from shows we watch. I also write my own stories and want to write a screenplay.” She’s been sharing all of this fun with her fans, too. “I also have been making videos for my IG stories!”

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