Even though they can’t meet up to brainstorm and develop their projects, creators are still creating. For some that means emailing photos back and forth or long phone calls discussing ideas, but for choreographer and director Kristin McQuaid and artist iamnotshane, that meant calling dancers and scheduling rehearsals on Zoom to create a music video for Shane’s song “Perfect” (Thomas Gold Remix).

Using Zoom to shoot the video, Shane and his dancers were able to get together virtually for two days of rehearsals with choreography that takes advantage of the limited view of a webcam. Each dancer filmed themselves and the footage was sent off to editor Trent Barboza who cut together the final music video.

While filming via webcam and rehearsing at a distance were a challenge, finding incredible people to work with wasn’t. The dancers in the video include dancers from all over the country including dancers on hold from tours that have been canceled due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 including backup dancers from JoJo Siwa, Cher, and Iggy Azalea’s tours. Can you spot Kayla Radomski, Brianna Haith, Ben Bigler, Ruby Pappan, Bobby Amamizu, Elise Wang, Rhyan Hill, and Hailee Payne doing Kristin’s eyelid choreography?

The video showcases the talents of some incredible artists and performers as well as the incredible things that can still be done despite being apart.

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