A summer dance intensive can not only teach you some amazing new moves, they can also lead you to career opportunities and connections that are valuable to any dancer no matter their ambitions.

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Every dance intensive you attend is sure to help you hone your skills, learn some new moves, and expose you to new challenges.Summer intensives are all about improvement. However, your level of improvement depends on your choice of intensive. When you look for an intensive, consider the intensive’s focus, location, goals, and style. These factors should come together to create an intensive that will take you outside of your comfort zone, encourage you to grow, and help you toward the future you want as a dancer. If you want to become a principal dancer for a ballet company, you don’t want to spend time at an intensive that works on your skills as a jazz dancer. From auditions to the actual classes, intensives are a lot of work, make sure you choose one that does the most work for you!

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Professional dancers have to be willing to travel and to work with people from all over the world. This means you will have to find balance in various environments full of different styles, processes, and personalities. To best prepare for this, dive head first into it! Go to intensives that will lead you to meet people that are different from you. Like trees, we grow in all different directions. Maintain strong roots, but don’t be afraid to branch out and learn something new.

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Don’t Wait

Summer dance intensives are super rewarding, and the best way to get the most of your summer free time is to start finding your intensives now. You don’t want to find the perfect intensive and then put it off until next summer. Every chance you have to work on your skills and your knowledge as a dancer is an opportunity to push yourself to the next level and bring yourself that much closer to any goals you have set for yourself. Putting extra dance on hold is like putting your dreams on hold! Why wait?

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