We interviewed Taylor Nunez and Avaree Jade on their experience being dancers in the modeling world. Find out what they said!

Photography by Ana Ochoa

How did you get started in the world of modeling?

AVAREE: I was very good at and very involved in pageants. I was lucky to have a good modeling coach that helped me win a lot of them. I got noticed at a pageant when I was 7 and got my first paid modeling job! I’ve been modeling ever since!

TAYLOR: In 2014 California Kisses had a model search and I was nominated for it!

What’s the most challenging part about modeling?

AVAREE: Sometimes the work days can be very long hours with many wardrobe, hair, and makeup changes. I’m lucky that this part comes easier to me because it’s so similar to life at dance competitions. When you’re getting paid to work, though, you can never have a bad day. You just have to suck it up and get the job done even if you don’t feel perfect that day.

TAYLOR: It can be difficult to keep up with other activities like dance and school.

Photography by Ana Ochoa

What’s your favorite part about modeling?

AVAREE: Being in front of the camera! I love getting pictures taken. I love when I get to have someone do my hair and makeup and help me look and feel beautiful!

TAYLOR: I love wearing and modeling the clothes. I also love meeting new people at the photoshoots!

So when you get to a shoot, what’s the first thing that happens?

AVAREE: Usually I have a really early call time which is fun because all I do is crawl out of bed, wash my face, and brush my teeth. I get to go to set in my pajamas if I really want to because when I get there, someone will curl my hair, put my makeup on, and dress me in the clothes we’re going to shoot in!

TAYLOR: Usually when you first get to a photoshoot you’ll go straight into hair and makeup. You normally have to show up with a clean face and dry hair so you’re ready for the hairstylists and makeup artists.


Photography by Ana Ochoa

Fill us in on wardrobe. Do you get to keep the clothes?

AVAREE: Many times I get to keep all of the clothes that I wear on set. Sometimes, though, the clothes are just production samples that aren’t ready to sell yet, so they need them back.

TAYLOR: It depends on the company. Some let you keep a few of the items! 🙂

Describe your favorite “look” you’ve ever been styled in for a shoot.

AVAREE: I love being really glamorous and getting to wear dresses and heels. I don’t dress up much so it makes it extra special when I get to on set!

TAYLOR: I’ve liked all of my looks by California Kisses! I love when they give me a smokey eye that still looks natural. Plus they have such cute clothes!





Photography by Ana Ochoa

Was there anything that surprised you once you got into modeling?

AVAREE: I was surprised by how fun it is! I always thought it sounded fun but it’s even better than I thought. I love it so I always do my best!

TAYLOR: I’m happily surprised that the companies I model for keep hiring me! I’m also surprised by all of the kind and positive feedback. It’s been a really great experience!

What advice can you give to other dancers who want to get into modeling?

AVAREE: Only model for what you really love and what you feel good about promoting. Don’t do everything for every company that asks. Never do a job without getting value back in some way. You are worth getting paid! Remember, though, you don’t always have to be paid in money from a job. Sometimes it would be valuable to model in exchange for a wardrobe or in exchange for great photos. As long as there is value in it for you! Always make sure you have great, updated photos to send out to companies. Also be sure to promote yourself on social media (but don’t be too aggressive!).

TAYLOR: Just remember, you’re beautiful just the way you are! Don’t ever feel like you have to change!

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