The Radio City Rockettes are currently off-Broadway, social-distancing in their homes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to stay in shape while they’re away from the stage. While they’re exercising in their homes, the Rockettes are helping you get in your exercise, so you can work on achieving those eye-high kicks, too.

Each week, you can get moving with different members of the Rockettes on Instagram Live. They’ll be leading you in short workouts and teaching you some of the moves from the finale of their annual Christmas Spectacular, “Christmas Lights,” and more of their iconic dances. You can head to the Rockettes’ Instagram (@therockettes) at 12:00PM ET on Tuesdays for a 15-minute fitness class and Thursdays for a dance class.

“I hope you’ll join me to stay active, stay connected, and have a little fun during this time.” Rockette Taylor said in the announcement for the second dance class offered by the company. Set your alarm to join her and the rest of the Rockettes in their classes each week! Lucky for you, if you can’t make it to class at 12:00PM, after each live class, the Rockettes are uploading their classes to their Instagram stories and then to IGTV for you to rewatch and practice with.

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