You probably remember Dora the Explorer from childhood TV time. Dora and her monkey friend, Boots, and, later in other shows, her cousin Diego have been taking children on multi-lingual adventures for decades (though Dora went off the air in 2014). Now, Dora is back (and Diego, too!) for a live-action adventure through the jungle.

Played by Isabela Moner, Dora is now a teenager instead of a seven-year-old. When her archeologist parents go off on an expedition to find a lost city of gold, she has to leave the jungle and is sent to high school where she has to try to be a normal teenager. Don’t worry. Diego appears to help her. Of course, Dora’s skills will come in handy later when the intervention of some villains who are also in search of the treasure send Dora and some of her classmates back to the jungle.

So, our childhood hero is back (purple backpack and all)! While we might not be asked to repeat Spanish vocabulary back at the screen during the movie, Dora will certainly inspire you to be brave and unafraid of a wild adventure.