via YouTube / Sofie Dossi

Photographer Jordan Matter’s “10-Minute Photo Challenge” series on YouTube has taken the dance world by storm. All of our favorite young dancers, acrobats, and contortionists have paired up with Jordan at one time or another to take incredible photos in some of the world’s most exciting cities (and in Target). We can’t get enough.

The latest photo challenge went a little differently, though. Normally Jordan and a posse of dancers, friends, and family run around cities and stores looking for photo locations, Matter lugging around his camera while shouting directions and handing out high-fives. This time, contortionist and YouTube star Sofie Dossi took control of the challenge, directing Jordan Matter and Instagram photographer Mark Singerman into poses from some of her most famous photos. Oh, and she performed some contortion moves of her own while snapping photos.

Before all the fun began, Jordan and Mark panicked about Sofie’s handling of Jordan’s Nikon and tried to teach her some basic camera etiquette. (With Jordan’s $5,000 camera on the line, who could blame them?)

via YouTube / Sofie Dossi

With ten minutes on the clock, Sofie sent the two famous photographers into trash cans, trees, and even onto gravel barefoot. Basically, Jorden got some payback for the more difficult poses he’s asked his models to do in the past. Jordan and Mark also staged an adorable and hilarious promposal shoot.

Were Jordan and Mark good contortionists? Well, like Sofie said, they’re great photographers.