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Pretty much everyone has been losing their minds over Selena Gomez’s song “Lose You to Love Me” (and the Justin Bieber “Sorry” mashup that has recently taken over the internet). It’s definitely the perfect single for any playlist meant to put have you down in your feelings.

One of the latest artists to share her take on the song, Dytto released an emotional dance video that features her on a rooftop doing some of her signature tutting and hip hop moves to the melancholy track. That’s not all, though. The video opens with curly-girl Dytto cutting off a massive chunk of her hair. The comments on the video are pretty divided, but we think she’s rocking shoulder-length curls.

The video ends with a heartfelt message from Dytto. “I felt like if there was any time for me to put out something really personal, it was now,” she says. “I heard this song and started crying because it was really really relatable for me and I know it’s really relatable for a lot of you guys, too, probably.” She went on to say that she hasn’t felt like herself lately and that this song was part of her journey of having a better relationship with herself.

Clearly, Dytto traded in her rose-colored glasses for that red slip and a dance that expresses herself, loudly.

Check out Dytto’s “Lose You to Love Me”!

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