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On the last episode of So You Think You Can Dance, we said goodbye to Virginia and James. This week, the dancers were in new pairs and taking on choreography from around the world. Read on for all the details from this episode and find out who made it to the Top 8.

Carter and Anna

The first dance of the night took us to Cuba as choreographers Jonathan and Oksana Platero gave Carter and Anna a salsa. Watching these two on stage, the fun was obvious. Leah wanted to see Carter get down more into the salsa moves, but JoJo disagreed and was excited to see how well Carter engaged with the audience. Anna received compliments from all the judges for how well she takes on the characters of each routine, but tWitch wanted to see more attitude from Carter.

Waverly and Essence

“I have never done any flirty dancing at Juliard,” Waverly said of the Bollywood number that Achinta S McDaniel choreographed for him and Essence this week. tWitch told this duo that they “lit the stage on fire” this week, but encouraged them to pay attention to their hands which weren’t sharp enough.

Beau and Jordan

Emma Slater and Sasah Farber choreographed a Viennese waltz for Beau and Jordan, but unfortunately, Jordan had to quarantine leaving Beau to rehearse with Season 14 finalist Koine Iwasaki. During rehearsal, Beau didn’t know who he would be dancing with. On stage, it was revealed that he and Jordan were reunited! They learned their routine the day before in three hours. JoJo said that the romantic waltz was well-executed. tWitch complimented Beau for his leading role and increasing his range of motion in this routine.

Keaton and Ralyn

Sean Cheesman introduced Keaton and Ralyn to African jazz this week. They also revealed Ralyn’s “tiny baby crush” on Keaton. The chemistry between these two paid off, and we’d be lying if we weren’t losing it over thaat incredible double cartwheel (and again and again!), JoJo said their performance was “perfecto,” and tWitch was so excited he couldn’t speak. He also complimented Ralyn’s power and Keaton’s movement.

Thiago and Alexis

In the around the world episode, Thiago and Alexis were given the United States, specifically Broadway dance. Working with Al Blackstone and some hat props, this duo were off to New York City. tWitch and Leah were missing the connection with these two, but JoJo called them “Two dancers who were clean, precise, and did exactly what they were supposed to do.”

The Bottom Four

In the end, it was up to the studio audience to vote for their favorite dancers of the night and determine the bottom four. This week, the four dancers in danger were Thiago, Jordan, Carter, and Alexis.

Before announcing who would be going home, tWitch gave the bottom four some advice: “Connection is so important.” He emphasized the importance of connecting with the audience and getting them invested. In the end, Jordan and Thiago were sent home.

We’re down to the Top 8! Who are you rooting for next week?

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