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Now that we’re finally in the main part of the show, we started So You Think You Can Dance this week with a group number! Choreographed by Brian Friedman, the electric number to Lady Gaga’s “Aura” was a slightly disjointed pride number featuring black costumes with Progress Pride flag linings. We love a good Pride routine, but it seemed like the Top 12 might have been getting lost in those long skirts.

Last week, none of the dancers went home, but this week four dancers were actually in danger. While the couple danced in the guys’ styles last week, this time, they were dancing in the girls’ styles.

Here’s what happened:

Carter and Ralyn

Michael Becker / FOX

Taking on contemporary this week, Ralyn and Carter had to work to get Carter’s ballroom enthusiasm in check for a more serious contemporary piece. Teddy Forance choreographed this routine that had JoJo yelling, “Ralyn, you were POWERFUL!” (to which Ralyn jumped for joy). All three judges were impressed with Carter’s success at bringing that contemporary connection as well.

Alexis and Keaton

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After their highly celebrated performance last week, Alexis and Keaton worked with Daniella Karagach and Pasha Pashkov to bring a “very spicy” cha-cha to life. Before this, Keaton has only had two ballroom lessons, but that didn’t mean these two didn’t continue to, as tWitch pointed out, “command the stage.”

Virginia and James

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Virginia was in the bottom four last week, but thanks to tWitch’s 300th episode save, this couple is back to try to impress the judges with a vulnerable contemporary routine choreographed by Jaci Royal. tWitch advised James to put as much behind his contemporary moves as he does bone-breaking, and JoJo felt like the connection was missing.

Waverly and Jordan

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Choreographer Dominique Kelly had the task of teaching these two in a lively jazz routine. Waverly says he learned jazz in six hours for this routine, but you’d never know. JoJo called them a true 50/50 partnership, and tWitch was impressed with the moments where they took up space on stage. Go, Team Tall!

Anna and Beau

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Anna and Beau were with Talia Favia working on a contemporary performance about a relationship where one person isn’t giving as much as the other. The performance was devastating (and not just because they were dancing to Taylor Swift’s “exile”). JoJo complimented Beau’s emotional commitment, and tWitch was loving how well the “emotional intelligence” of their partnership—he did want to see Beau deepening his range of motion, though. Leah playfully admonished Talia for another hard-hitting routine.

Essence and Thiago

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Last week, both of these dancers found themselves in the bottom four. Now, pushing Thiago out of his comfort zone, this couple worked with Mel Charlot for an office-themed hip hop routine. All three judges were excited to see this duo bring it. tWitch commended Thiago for keeping up with Essence and showing off good hip hop technique. And JoJo? Her only note this week for this couple was…no notes!

The Bottom Four

Two whole couples, James and Virginia and Jordan and Waverly were in the bottom four after the studio audience voted this week.

tWitch shared that the judges unanimously voted on one dancer and were split on another. While he didn’t reveal which dancers those were, they saved Jordan and Waverly with strong advice that they need to connect with the audience. Unfortunately, that means that James and Virginia are the first two dancers to leave the competition.

Next week, the Top 10 will return to perform routines from styles around the world.

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