As dancers, we wear through dance shoes all the time! Footwear-wise we are constantly going out with the old and in with the new, as we spend hours in the studio training on our feet, pointing, pirouetting, and leaping! Because of that, our dance shoes have been through too many special performances, dance moments, and memories with us to just get rid of!

Ever wonder what to do with a pair of old pointe shoes that have a shank or box too dead and worn out to wear again? It’s time to give them a second life! This is one of my favorite solutions to transform your pair of old pointe shoes into something fresh, creative and super easy! And it only requires really one main tool- spray-paint! Don’t worry about roughed up satin, this DIY will give your dance shoes a whole new purpose of beauty with many uses! (TIP: This DIY can work with ballet slippers too!)

Paint Your Point Shoes!

Step 1: Find a pair of old shoes! Preferably ones you will not use again but are still intact!

Step 2: Choose a spray paint Color! Glossy or Dull Shine!
(Pro Tip: Pick a color of paint to use that matches your favorite leotard if you are planning to use your shoes in a photoshoot! Or choose a color that will match your room theme if you are planning to use them as room décor!)

Step 3: Stuff your shoes with newspaper or paper!
(The spray paint will harden the shoes and shrink them a bit so it is important to stuff them to help with keeping their shape and to keep too much paint from getting on the inside of the shoes.)

Step 4: Spray!
Have fun with it and cover the whole surface of the shoes with paint, including the ribbons and elastic! (Make sure you spray your shoes outside on a covered area, protected with a tarp or newspaper!)

Step 5: Let the shoes dry overnight!

Your transformed shoes can be perfect for many uses! Stand out from the rest and use them for a fun photoshoot that will be sure to catch your followers’ eyes on social media! Hang them up on your wall as unique room décor! Or, decorate them further and give them out as a gift, perfect for any dancer or even non-dancer to have as a memento to the art form!

Instagram it! Are you going to give your old pointe shoes a touch-up? Take a picture and tag me (@royalcouturexo) and Showstopper (@goshowstopper) on social media with the hashtag #RoyalCoutureXshowstopper if try out this dancer DIY!


Christy Lyn

P.S. Did you know that the velvet leotard pictured here is my own design? If you want to get one for your own pointe perfect photoshoot, check out to get your own!

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Christy Lyn is a ballerina, model, designer, and choreographer. She started dancing at a very young age and currently choreographs and trains in multiple styles of dance with a focus in ballet. Her choreography work has debuted at the Lincoln Center in the Youth America Grand Prix Gala, “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow.” Christy walks and dances in fashion shows for national and international designers at LAFW and NYFW. She is also the unstoppable designer and founder of the chic dance fashion brand Royal Couture.