This week on the glitter drop we’re taking a behind the scenes look at Sofia Wylie’s 4K Dance Series, giving you the details on Disney’s “Incredible Summer,” and checking out the latest hair trend. Plus, find out about Showstopper VIP’s new look and stick around to the end for highlights from our opening number performers!

Bringing Dancers Together

Sofia Wylie’s 4K Dance Series is Sofia’s project for bringing together the dancers in her community in Utah, showing them what the professional world of dance and performance is like, and creating incredible art at the same time. So far, the project has two videos, a Taylor Swift inspired duet featuring Sofia and Hemi Haraki and a Grease tribute featuring a large group of incredible dancers. (Read the full story here!)

An Incredible Summer

Walt Disney World Resorts is introducing a little extra magic to their parks this year with new attractions, entertainment, and experiences in what they’re calling “Incredible Summer.” The best part? Each of the four parks will be getting their own unique addition to add to the fun including a party with some of your favorite Incredibles 2 characters at Tomorrowland, a Guardians of the Galaxy alien band performance at Epcot and more. What’s more exciting is that you can join in on the fun – as a performer. Walt Disney World Resorts is casting for their “Incredible Summer” programs and events! (Read the full story here!)

A Hair Trend for Brunettes

We live for the colorful looks that dominate our Instagram feeds, but the potential damage of applying them to your own hair can be a little intimidating. Push those worries out of your mind for the latest hair trend. Dubbed “Rose Brown” by Australian hairstylist Thi Thao Tu, this look features a chocolate-inspired rose gold color (as if we weren’t already super inspired by chocolate over Easter). To achieve the look Thi added red and purple highlights to brown hair to create a near-metallic looking shimmer. The best part? This magical springtime glow doesn’t require any bleaching! (Read the full story here!)

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