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Rosy brown 🥀

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When new hair trends are created by talented stylists and unexpecting experimenters alike, those of us that aren’t ready or willing to commit to bleaching our luscious locks often have to stifle our excitement. The trends are gorgeous, and we live for the colorful looks that dominate our Instagram feeds, but the potential damage of applying them to your own hair can be a little intimidating.

Push those worries out of your mind for the latest hair trend. Dubbed “Rose Brown” by Australian hairstylist Thi Thao Tu, this look features a chocolate-inspired rose gold color (as if we weren’t already super inspired by chocolate over Easter). To achieve the look Thi added red and purple highlights to brown hair to create a near-metallic looking shimmer. The best part? This magical springtime glow doesn’t require any bleaching!

Like any too-good-to-be-true trend, there are some downsides to this look. Because the pigment is resting directly on top of the natural hair, extra care will be necessary to keep the colors from fading over time. This also means that the look works best on light brown hair where the pigmented highlights will show through the best.

The upside? This trend has limitless possibilities. From a purple shine to a dusty rose shimmer, the looks that are possible (and that talented people are creating) are all gorgeous. Trust us, changing it up for the season will make your style straight up magic.

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