If you haven’t been keeping up with Andi Mack‘s Sofia Wylie (we know you have), then you might have missed out her latest incredible project – Sofia Wylie’s 4K Dance Series. The series is Sofia’s project for bringing together the dancers from her community in Utah, showing them what the professional world of dance and performance is like, and creating incredible art at the same time.

So far, the project has two videos, a “…Ready for It?” duet featuring Sofia and Hemi Haraki and a Grease tribute featuring a large group of incredible dancers. Both videos clearly depict what is important to Sofia as a dancer, community, and the social environments outside the studio where dance is often born.

Luckily, Sofia gave us inside access to what happens behind the scenes and the process of making her videos. Through a long audition process and careful team building, Sofia has brought together a dream team including choreographer Bonnie Story and other talented and passionate members of Utah’s dance community.

“I’ve really related to not being able to have that voice and get anywhere because yo don’t know how to. You don’t have that person telling you ‘this is what to do.'”

– Sofia Wylie

She is a dancer, but it is obvious that she is most concerned with bringing her community together and sharing incredible moments with dancers like her who have a lot to offer. Without them, these videos would not be what they are – works of art that exude passion and talent.

Check it out!

Sofia isn’t just working with Utah’s most talented young dancers. She also recently announced that she would be starring as Bailey in the Australian family film Back of the Net. That means while we anxiously anticipate more 4K dance videos, Sofia is off to Sydney, Australia to take part in a soccer adventure.

Back of the Net is about a science-obsessed girl named Bailey who finds herself at Harold Soccer Academy after taking the wrong bus to meet her parents who are volunteering in India. A semester at the academy takes Bailey on a journey to become an incredible soccer player fighting with the school’s star, Evie, to win the National Soccer Tournament. This already sounds like a thrilling teen movie, but we’re sure that with Sofia leading it will be even better than we expect.

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