Dancers are magical and multi-faceted creatures. When you put “dancer” on your resume or in your Instagram bio, you probably think it says one thing. You dance. That is far from the truth.


When you put label yourself as a dancer, you are telling people that you are flexible. You are literally flexible because you have put time and effort into teaching your body how to move and contort for years. You are also flexible as a person. You know how to create and use effective and adaptive schedules, and you are a master of prioritizing your tasks so that you can work on your talents and your hobbies.


It’s pretty fair to say that dancers are dedicated. You dedicate hours every week to studio time and several weekends out of the year to competitions, conventions, and performances. You do all of this because you are passionate about dance and because all of the work means something to you.

They See…

Labeling yourself “dancer” means a lot more than you probably realize. When someone learns that you are a dancer, that one word tells them so many things about you – your work ethic, your personality, your abilities, your energy. All of these things are revealed or at least hinted at when you say you are a dancer.


Dancers are so much more than dancers. The skills you gain during your dance career can also help you on paths leading to acting careers, modeling careers, cheering careers, and so much more. Dance isn’t just dance! Dance is a lifestyle. Dance develops who you are as a person. Dance teaches you that anything is possible, and when you say “I am a dancer,” everyone can see that.

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