Are you looking for a new song to daydream to? Singer-songwriter Goldie Vargas’ new single might be the perfect addition to your “Just Vibing” playlist. The Los Angeles-based artist released her second single “Moving in Reverse” over the weekend on the heels of her debut “Strawberry Kisses.”

“Moving in Reverse” is just reaching our ears, but Goldie wrote it during the first week of the coronavirus pandemic. A song about fear, isolation, and uncertainty, Goldie sings, “Days go by and I’m still trying to find the way to get out alive / Days go by and I’m still trying to get towards the other side.”

Why bring this track back now? “It took a really mentally challenging period of my life to take me back to the final recording of the song where I discovered an entire new meaning in it,” Goldie shared about revisiting the song now. “Everything I was going through with brain fog, anxiety and depression was being said through the song and communicated in such a clear way.” 

“Moving Reverse” joins “Strawberry Kisses” as a teaser for an EP due out this summer. Goldie has been working on the project for two years with producer Adam Gurr. “I want listeners to be transported to a different world where they can be their truest selves and feel whatever emotion they want to feel to the truest extent when listening to my music,” she shared about the project. “I want listeners to feel less alone, as if I took the words out of their own mind.”

“Moving in Reverse” is streaming now on Spotify and Apple Music.