If you’ve been keeping up with Haley Pham, then you know she’s been steadily building a huge social media following, particularly on YouTube. Since starting her channel six years ago, Haley has amassed two million subscribers that keep up with everything from her new dog to her adventures in social media challenges. It’s no wonder she was a finalist for the Breakout YouTuber of the Year at the 2019 Shorty Awards. The one thing she hasn’t been doing? Dancing.

In fact, it has been a year since Haley hit the dance floor, so in her latest challenge video, she went back to the studio to see what remained of her dancing instincts and muscles.

via YouTube / Haley Pham

Working through cramps and trying to encourage her hamstrings to pull her into everything from small leaps to arabesques, Haley did manage to work through barre exercises, floor waltzes, and more. We only get a glimpse of her post-dance class struggles in the video, but we’re sure Haley’s body was more than tired after her brief return to dance.

via YouTube / Haley Pham

If you’re a dancer that’s spending all of your free time at the studio, chances are Haley’s struggles will make you laugh (and maybe even cringe). Like her dance teacher said, “Don’t take a year off. It’s a really bad decision.” Good thing we can watch Haley make that decision and not have to quit dance ourselves.

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