It’s back to school season! But, more importantly, it’s back to dance season! While you are packing your backpacks with sparkly new notebooks, pencils, and highlighters, you’re also probably getting ready to pack up your dance bag to make your way back to studio for another amazing year of dancing! Here are 12 dance bag essentials you won’t want to forget!

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1. Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are a must have. And they aren’t just a hair accessory! There are tons of things they work for from hemming pants to bookmarks. If only they didn’t disappear as quickly as we buy them!

2. Chapstick

Another unexpected multi-use must-have, chapstick is an easy fix for dry lips, but did you know that it can also be used to provide some quick relief for raw skin and prevent blisters? I’m sure your feet will thank you for that once you pull your ballet shoes off.

3. Hand Sanitizer

When you’re out and about, who knows what you might accidentally get your hands on. Clip some hand sanitizer to your bag in one of these nifty hangers (we’re partial to the glittery ones) and you’re ready for anything.


We’ve all been there. You are running out the door late for dance and, by the time you get there, you realize oh my gosh, I forgot deodorant! Well, put that anxiety to rest and put it in your bag! It’s easier to have to fish it out when you need it at home later than to risk some unpleasant odors during class.

5. Emergency Money

Depending on who you are, an emergency might just be an unbearable need for an iced-coffee, but whatever it may be from a snack to a cab ride in a pinch, it’s good to keep some cash on you. Twenty dollars usually does the trick.

6. Compact Mirror

You probably don’t need another excuse to check yourself out in a mirror, but you’ve got to have something on hand when you start using those bobby pins (getting poked in the eye is not a good look).

7.Mints or Gum

Someone is talking to you. They’re really close, and all you can smell is what they had for lunch an hour ago, and it is not pleasant. We’ve all been there. Don’t let that someone be you! A small container of mints takes up minimal space, and when it’s empty, you can use it to try to contain those escape-artist bobby pins.


We trip, fall, get up again. Bruises and scrapes are all a part of life (and dance), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared! Stash some band-aids with your favorite cartoon character or favorite color on them and you’re set for any unexpected run ins with gravity.


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If there is anything we rely on today, it’s technology. Where are you without your music or access to the latest vlog from your favorite YouTuber? Wrap up your headphones and tuck them in your bag so you’ll have them later. You never know when you’ll need to hear your favorite song or kill some time watching cat videos between classes.

10.A Pen

By far the simplest thing on this list, a pen is something you never want to be caught without whether you need to fill out a form, write down a phone number, or sign an autograph (because, you know, you’re a star).

11. Stretch Band

A stretch band is a must for any dancer on the go. No matter where you are, it is always time to stretch, and where are you without your stretch band? Roll it up and tuck it away for later. You’ll definitely need it.

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12. Lacrosse Ball

If you want to talk about something with multiple uses, lacrosse balls are where it’s at. They don’t only serve as something to play catch with. You can use them to massage cramps, just roll the ball along the cramped muscle and let it work its magic!

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