Costume Day

Set aside a day this month (it doesn’t necessarily have to be on Halloween!) for your students to come in dressed up for Halloween. You can challenge them to create a dance-inspired spooky look or just invite them to wear whatever costumes they already have picked out for the big night. For a little added fun, you can have your dancers vote on each other’s costumes to decide who is the scariest, the funniest, the most disguised, etc.


Decorating your studio for Halloween is a great way to get involved in the holiday. Try to bring your style and sense of humor into the decorations! Maybe you hang up a string of bats wearing ballet slippers. Or, put out pink pumpkins instead of orange. If you plan on doing DIY decorations, you can even let your students get involved in all the fun.


If your studio loves to turn every holiday into a big group celebration, Halloween should be no exception! Make plans to go trick-or-treating together, or put together a trick-or-treating event yourself! A fun take on the traditional door-to-door activity isĀ trunk-or-treating. Decorate your studio’s parking lot and have parent volunteers park their cars in a circle with their trunks open and filled with treats and games. This is a safe way for everyone in the studio to have fun on Halloween and you can all celebrate together.


Of course, you want your dance studio Halloween celebration to involve dance! Create a playlist of spooky songs for your students to freestyle too. Or, throw a Monster Mash event. Everyone dresses up as monsters and brings their scariest dance moves out onto the dance floor.

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