Megan Vargas is an eighteen-year-old dancer from Nampa, Idaho. She dances at Elevated Dance Project.

“…I want to use dance to show the community that we all express ourselves in different ways, but every one of those ways is beautiful.”

How does dance have a positive impact on your life?

Dance has had a positive impact on my life in many ways. It has taught me that it’s not about doing things perfect it’s that you did it with passion, love, determination, purpose, that ugly doesn’t exist because beauty can be found in every shape and movement. That it’s about the little things in our lives and inside us that matters most. It’s my safe space where I can express all the things my words cannot. Dance has brought so many wonderful people into my life and so many opportunities for growth and inspiration.

How do you want to use dance to have a positive influence on your community?

I want to inspire a soul with dance. There is so much beauty in this life that we have yet to discover because we are so busy picking apart the little things about the world and ourselves that we never see past it. With that, I want to use dance to show others and the community that we all express ourselves in different ways but every one of those ways is beautiful.

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