Sean Lew has been teasing us with his next short film project since 2018, and now we can finally enjoy it!

The film II: An Unspoken Narrative is an hour-long dance film. It features nine scenes with different music and choreography as we follow the main character, played by Sean, as he collects clues to piece together his understanding of the world. If that sounds a bit vague, that’s the point! In the description of the film, Sean says, “We hope to take you on a journey within a story of life experiences revolving around balance where two different concepts make you realize your worst moment to make your great moments greater. Every part of this film is up for interpretation upon your lives.”

Whether “The Last Scene” has you screaming for Sean and Kaycee to get along or your in your feelings about “Scene #6” (We’re with you.), II is an emotional rollercoaster of scenery and dance that will have you puzzling over the way that the clues fall together and how you relate to each dance. All of this is carried by a soundtrack that has everything from natural soundscapes to popular artists like Billie Eilish and Panic! at the Disco.

Along with Sean and his best friend and dance partner Kaycee, II stars a big lineup of awesome dancers including Tre De Rego, Kea Peahu, Destinee Mayarea, Hiro Homura, Giselle Silva, Jaime Mora, Isaac Meija, Leilani Zepeda, Ava Chavarria, Bailey Sok, Julian Deguzman, Stephanie Mincone, Connor Gormley, Shannon Kelly, Zack Everheart, Marie Spieldenner, Zach Venegas, Anthony Westlake, Matthew Kubitz, Emma Hauser, Ashlynn Malia, Leconte Banks, and Jazz Smith.

We think II: An Unspoken Narrative was worth the wait. Don’t you? The full film is available to stream on YouTube now.