Are you more Alice Blue or Dandelion? Maybe you’re besties with someone that’s totally a Warm Flame. If you know what these colors mean, you’ve probably seen TikToks new favorite trend, the color personality test.

Created by ktestone, the “Personal Color Test” is a quick quiz that asks questions about how you interact with others and make choices in your life before giving you a color and personality description based on the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types. (There are sixteen possible color results, and if you look at the URL for your results, you’ll notice that they’re organized by the four-letter Myers-Briggs codes.)

What is your personality like? What makes you uncomfortable? What kind of people are your favorite. The test gives you descriptions for each of these based on the color you receive.

Ocean Bay Personality:
If it’s not going to be perfect, I don’t even start! But it takes a long time to do what you think. The start is fancy, but I can’t finish it. I easily talk to people I’ve never seen before, but I get shy when I get together as a group! I don’t want to rely on others, so I do it by myself. I have strong self-love, but I have low self-esteem and sometimes I feel so depressed. I have a lot of thoughts and I have a weak mentality. I want to nag you, but I don’t because I’m too lazy. I do not want to fight. So I’d rather sacrifice myself! Even when it’s not a big deal to others. Touched and shocked alone! Peter Pan’s syndrome! I want to talk logically. But I’m in a hurry, so I stutter or slow down when I talk.

While many people are relating to their personality test results, people are much more focused on the color (and the colors you apparently don’t get along with). On TikTok, trending along with #colorpersonalitytest and the sound “all these videos are so cute guys” by meow, the chorus of Robbie Williams’ “Candy,” are videos where people share the results of their tests (and their friends’!) along with sets of photos in the same color scheme. Video moodboard? Yes please!


My friends are so cute 😩✋🏽 @aryannazamora @lena._yh @chloomoney #fyp #colorpersonalitytest #iconic

♬ all these videos are so cute guys – meow

As of now, the test has been taken more than 30 million times! What color fits you best?

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