Jessica Spohr

Teen pop artist Indi Star has been focusing on music lately, but she’s back to her roots as an actor with her latest project. Indi is finding out what it means to be a superhero in The Daily Wire’s new 70s action-comedy The Hyperions. Where getting—and losing—your powers can be as simple as having one tiny piece of tech.

Indi plays Young Vista, the teen counterpart of Penelope Mitchell’s Vista Mandelbaum a former superhero who wants her powers back. Vista and her brother, another former hero named Ansel, are two of Professor Ruckus Mandulbaum’s original teen heroes created after he gave them powers with his invention the Titan badge. Their decision to break into the Hyperion Museum kicks off a conflict that is full of action, superpowers, comedy, and found-family drama.

Read on to find out what it was like for Indi to play Young Vista, a role that she calls “a dream come true,” and find out what this teen superhero is working on now.

Showstopper Magazine Online: Tell us about your latest role in The Hyperions. What was it like being a young superhero? 

Indi Star: It was literally a dream come true. I have always loved watching superhero movies and to be able to play a superhero was so cool! The storyline was amazing and the entire cast and crew were extremely kind, professional, and welcoming. 

SMO: What was it like to work under Penelope Mitchell? 

Indi: She was so amazing! Such a nice person! I had watched her in The Vampire Diaries, so it was very crazy to be working with her and especially as a younger version of her character! 

SMO: The Hyperions isn’t just a superhero action flick. It’s also a comedy. What drew you to the film and your character? 

Indi: Mainly I was drawn to this role because I would be a superhero! I played the younger version of one of the main characters, but my role was an important one as it set the tone of the father/daughter relationship between Cary Elwes (Professor Mandelbaum) and Penelope Mitchell (Vista). I had a few very emotional scenes with Cary Elwes, and he really helped me stay in the moment and be present during the scenes. He is such an icon in the industry, and I appreciated the time he took to really make those scenes matter. 

Jessica Spohr

SMO: We have to ask. If you were to get superpowers from a Titan badge, what would they be? 

Indi: Definitely time travel! I would want to choose to be in the memory or see it! It would be so cool to see events that you have only heard about and really be there in the moment. It’s kind of like watching a show or movie, but it would be real! 

SMO: You actually filmed The Hyperions a while ago. Music is your main focus now, and what is your acting/music balance like now?

Indi: Acting and singing have always been my two favorite things ever. Acting is different from singing because when I’m singing, I feel it’s more independent whereas in acting I must be on set at a specific time! They are both amazing though! I filmed The Hyperions about three years ago, right after I had been in Kidz Bop, and before I really started my solo music career. I am starting another acting project in April, but for right now, music is my focus. I am not actively pursuing acting projects right now but if something comes along that I am interested in, I will consider it! 

Indi’s latest release is a piano version of her single “Exposed.”

SMO: Do you have any favorite behind-the-scenes moments from The Hyperions? 

Indi: One of my favorite moments was when Cary Elwes and I were practicing our lines for the train scene and trying to get it to match up perfectly! There is a scene where I’m reading his mind and mimicking what he’s saying as he’s saying it and it took a few takes for sure! 

SMO: What are you most excited for people to see now that the film is out? 

Indi: I am excited for people to see how hard everyone on set worked on this movie! I had an amazing time on set! 

SMO: What are you working on currently? Can we expect new music or on-screen roles from you anytime soon? 

Indi: I am working on something right now involving acting, which I am super excited for you guys to see! I can’t announce it yet, but I am very excited about it! Plus, I have been working hard on making so much more music for you all!! I just finished a writing camp with my producers and so many amazing songwriters, and we have around 15 new songs that we are working on! 

You can catch Indi as Young Vista in The Hyperions streaming now on The Daily Wire.