Courtesy of Indi Star

Last week, Indi Star released her single “Afterglow,” the first of a trio of singles she’s releasing this year. When “Afterglow” made its debut, we knew that a music video would quickly be following and that it would draw inspiration from Indi’s dance background. Now that the video is finally here, we had to catch up with Indi again to get an inside look at how it all came together.

“Afterglow” features Indi and a dancer in a fluid video that moves between light and dark scenes that incorporate not only dance but camera choreography to bring her song about the high points of a relationship to life. “It was super fun!” Indi said of her filming experience. “We took a day to learn the dance…it was a fun experience because I’ve never done partnering for a video before!” She shared with us that the video was filmed in small parts, so even she didn’t get to see the full vision until everything was edited together.

Courtesy of Indi Star

Dance is a major focal point in the “Afterglow” video, but a lot of details were put into the set as well to make it personal and custom for Indi’s song. “For the music video, we used a bunch of my own personal Polaroids and put them on the wall,” Indi shared.

As for the choice to blend bright clear scenes with darker, more obscure ones, Indi shared that it was all about the experience. “I’ve always loved bright and neon colors! The light and dark scenes really showed the passing of time,” she said. “The dreamy quality shows the emotions and vibe of the experience.” As Indi and her partner dance, you see them going through the motions (literally!) of a new relationship from close, intimate scenes to time spent laughing together.

Who was Indi’s dance partner!? “My dance partner’s name is Prince! He is an amazing dancer,” Indi told us. She and Prince Givenchy worked well together, and she shared that they actually picked up the choreography for “Afterglow” really quickly. “I didn’t know Prince until we met to learn the choreography, which was kind of scary, but we built up a quick chemistry that really helped us to connect during the dance.”

“Afterglow” is out now for you to stream and watch (and maybe even learn the moves!). Check out the music video below!