Kaitlin Like is a fourteen-year-old dancer from Arab, Iowa. She dances at Ankeny Dance and Performing Arts Academy.

“Different styles [of dance] make people feel different things. Between the music and the costume, it all tells a story! I love making people happy…”

How does dance have a positive impact on your life?

Dance makes me unbelievably happy. When I step on stage all of my problems disappear. I can dance it out and while I do I can let the audience in on my life by making an emotional connection with them. Different styles make people feel different things between the music and the costume it all tells a story! I love making people happy and letting them in on my story.

How do you want to use dance to have a positive influence on your community?

I have danced at fundraisers across the state for people with special needs or to raise money for the community, anything to bring joy to people’s lives! One of my favorite experiences in my community is that every year I go help out at retirement communities and show them my dances, and they can ask questions and tell stories about their life and how the dance made them feel!

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