When you think about where you’ll get in your next workout, you’re probably thinking about hitting the gym or the dance studio or maybe even going outside for yoga or a run in the park. You’re probably not thinking about heading to Target to curl a couple of containers of Tide detergent or military press a mannequin.

But that’s just what Jordan Matter andĀ Italian TV star, fitness model, and dancer Elena d’Amario did in Jordan’s latest wild and spontaneous photoshoot. From kangaroo jumps with a watermelon to climbing support beams with strangers (yes, you read that right), these two seemed to find something and somewhere to do all kinds of workouts from cardio to leg day.

There may have been some run-ins with a few confused Target employees, but somehow Jordan and his crew managed to finish getting fit before anyone got too suspicious and kicked them out. Though, we’re not sure this means you should be trading in your gym membership or your favorite running spot for your local Target.

Check out this adventure in Target-ercise!