A few weeks ago, tween girl group Run The World released their second single “Diamond Hearts” as part of a collaboration with Justice. Now, the Justice-exclusive behind the scenes is giving us even more spy vibes.

In the music video, each of the girls has a role in the operation to defeat the villain Mosquito and recover the diamond heart. There’s only a quick animation highlighting each of their skills, but the group breaks it down for us in the new video. Jessalyn Grace takes on the role of equipment expert. She shared that her smartwatch is essential for communicating with the others. Meanwhile, Hayley LeBlanc is probably responsible for the map of clues on the wall since she plays the planner/finder. “She’s got the big brain,” Corinne Joy says in the behind the scenes. Corinne is taking on mosquito directly as the martial arts expert, and Kheris Rogers is the mastermind behind their more intricate moves as the coder/lookout, making sure the coast is clear.

Run The World also revealed that creating the music video involved a sleepover at Haley’s house. “We took over Hayley’s pantry,” Kheris said, talking about what they got up to. “Corinne messed up mac n’ cheese.” Corinne confirmed the mac n’ cheese mishap, “Oh my gosh, it was so gross!”

Check out the full video below!

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