NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts are a small pocket of joy any day. Now that most of us are spending our time indoors, they’re the perfect mini-event to get excited about! The latest in NPR’s Tiny Desk series was a performance from pop icon Harry Styles. Since the release of his most recent album, Fine Line, Harry has been performing on late night TV shows and at award shows, so it’s no surprise he was booked to play a few songs behind the desk of All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen.

On the setlist for this tiny concert were “Cherry,” “Watermelon Sugar,” “To Be So Lonely,” and “Adore You,” hits from Fine Line. Like most concerts, Harry introduced the songs as he played them, describing what they’re about and a bit about how they were created for the album. These included stories about producing the songs and feelings of falling in love.

When he got to his last song, “Adore You,” Harry shared that “It’s about a fish.” “I just had a fish and I really liked it,” he joked before talking about his real feelings behind the song. If you’ve seen the surreal music video for the song, then you probably really like that fish, too. Sob.

As the producers of Tiny Desk Concert said on the NPR Music Instagram page, “The best thing is, you can turn it all the way up as you work [or dance!] from home!” Crank it up! You’ll adore this performance.

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