Just last week, Kenzie released her retro-inspired bop “Donuts.” Now, she’s celebrating the holiday season with her song, “Cozy With Me,” featuring Ant Saunders. “I’m already in the Christmas spirit because of it,” Kenzie told Popsugar. “It’s a really cute song.”

Cute and festive, “Cozy With Me” is the perfect holiday love song. Kenzie and Ant sing about warm fires, cozy sweaters, and Christmas decorations. It’s exactly what you want in your playlist as your putting ornaments on the tree or hanging stockings! (Or you could just listen to it on repeat like all of your other favorite songs.)

“Cozy With Me” is available to buy and stream on all major music platforms, and Kenzie and Ant released an acoustic music video on Kenzie’s YouTube channel. Check it out now!