There’s no better way to start a new year than dancing your way into it. Lucky for us, Kinjaz treated us to a special video collaboration with Chinese singer and actor Luhan to welcome the new year. In their most recent video, the renowned hip hop group is led by Luhan in an upbeat routine perfect for the fireworks celebrations still going off in our minds.

Being a k-pop star is all about how you work the stage, and Luhan’s moves in this video definitely show off the choreography skills he gained from his music videos. Even after several watch-throughs, you’re going to be finding new intricate elements of Kinjaz’ choreography to obsess over in his performance.

Now, while you’re getting ready to pack your bag for dance class, you’re going to want to add the music to your get ready playlist. (One of the songs is actually Luhan singing!) Do you think you could master this choreography? Go for it! We’ll be obsessing over those Kinjaz x Luhan jackets!