When you attend Showstopper Dance Conventions, we want to make sure you have the best time possible! To make sure that happens, we do our best to offer tons of great things and give you the best of dance (with an extra dash of glitter). Did you know about all of these Showstopper Perks?

The Hottest Working Choreographers!

Our dance conventions feature dance superstars like Fik-Shun and Comfort from SYTYCD, Broadway dancers Mary Ann Lamb and Jessica Walker, Award winning choreographers like Angel Roberts, and more!

No Parent Observation Fee. Ever.

We know that parents love to watch their kids dance as much as the dancers love to dance! Sit back, watch all of the fun, and try to keep yourself from joining in.

FREE Bonus Classes. Voice, Song, and More!

That’s right! There are classes for everything – not just dance. Prepare yourself for your future in musical theatre with voice lessons while your feet are taking a break.

Extra Large, Cushioned, Pro Dance Floors!

When you are dancing, you look like you are lighter than air! Feel lighter than air, too on our cushioned dance floors. You’ll feel like you are dancing on a cloud, worry free.


The Best Tween Programs & Classes

No matter what kind of dance you are, we are here to help guide you toward a future of success. Learn from the best choreographers and dancers in your chosen style with all of your dance BFFs!


Teacher Perks, Too!

We couldn’t imagine leaving the teachers out of all the fun! We have some glitter to throw at you too!

Free Welcome Gift for ALL Registered Teachers

We lovingly stuff all of our gift bags with your favorite things. Oh, and they’re absolutely adorable!

The Ultimate Teachers Business Seminar

At Showstopper, we are always working toward bigger and better, and we know you are too! Come find out the best tips for teachers and studio owners at our business seminar.

Free Hotel Room for Registered Teachers

Teachers receive one free room night for every 15 paid students (based on our advertised room rates at our host hotel). So, if you register 30 dancers, we’ll reimburse you the cost of 2 nights at our host hotel (no matter where you stay!) You are responsible for booking your own hotel room. You’ll automatically be sent a reimbursement check the week before the convention based on your registration numbers.

Click here to register for Conventions!

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