Staying motivated is largely about knowing where you want to go. When you know what you want to do, you can actively work toward the things that make you happy and will help you live more successfully. But knowing when to make your move on certain goals or to move on to the next step of your plan can be difficult.

Have You Met Your Goal?

If you have recently met a goal, it is the perfect time to take your next steps. Continuing to reevaluate what you want to do to reach your goals is important. Why? The path that led you to accomplish one thing might not lead you to the same success in another area. Always use your accomplishments as jumping off points for forming new plans and chasing new opportunities.

Do You Feel Stuck?

Feeling like you are stuck in your progress toward a goal or have otherwise reached a point where you can’t progress further in an activity might be a good sign that it is time to move forward. If you are stuck in a goal, this could mean that you need to alter your plans to reach it. If this is a skill, then this could mean that you have either mastered that skill or that it isn’t for you. Regardless of why you are feeling stuck, it is definitely a good time to work on doing something new.

Making moves┬áthat influence your future is important! The key is to know that the moves you are making and the plans you are creating are ones that will lead you to things that make you happy. You want to inspire yourself to keep working hard. You’ll occasionally make the wrong moves. That’s ok! They will only help you cement in your mind what you want to do (as much as what you don’t).