Now that pumpkin spice season is well underway, it’s time to grab our favorite fall-flavored drinks and give our dance wardrobes a fall makeover. Check out these must-have fall pieces before your next dance class.

Feeling Peachy?

via Royal Couture XO

If you’re still feeling pastel as we move into warmer tones, check out this peachy “Angel Baby” leotard from Royal Couture XO.

People will have a latte to say about this leo.

via All About Dance

You’ll be the essence of pumpkin spice in All About Dance’s Natalie Leotard.

You’re going to want to show off this hoodie.

via Forever 21

If you’re more hip hop than contemporary, add a little pumpkin spice to your next dance class with this orange corduroy hoodie from Forever 21.

Warm Up in Warm Tones

via Etsy / Zephyr Graham

Your warm-up routine has never been so fall-inspired as it will be with the orange leg warmers from Zephyr Graham on Etsy.