Choreographer Kristin McQuaid music video for “Whispers” by Oshi (feat. Avolnea) takes two dancers and a small space to a whole new level of emotion.

The music video, shot in a greenhouse-like structure showcases Kristin’s attention not only to the way dance can be choreographed for the eye but also how it can be choreographed for video. The cut away moments are as captivating and raw as the longer dance segments.

“When we end something so beautiful we never want it to go away,” Kristin said about the piece. “However there is so much beauty in change. We learn to let go, our minds and bodies adapt and face a new reality.”

Kristin captures change and conflict by mixing color and black and white elements in the video and translating even the smallest rhythms into movement. “This video is about the love of two people that aren’t together anymore, yet the past is still very much a part of them. It’s just separated by a glass wall.” Kristin’s dancers, Ruby Pappan and Aaron Czuprenski, are literally separated by that glass wall she mentioned.

The “Whispers” video premiered on Kristin’s IGTV on October 31. Check it out now!