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Choreographer and internet personality Kristin McQuaid is nothing if not a go-getter. When she has an idea, from Grace VanderWaal music videos to her own quirky web series, she finds a way to make it happen. Kristin can’t just let an idea slip through the cracks. On Monday, she took to Instagram to announce her latest idea come to life, a children’s book inspired by her late daughter London.

“Um, guys. I’m an author!” Kristin announced in a Reel.

Over the last year, Kristin has shared her journey of surrogacy. Sadly, in July, her daughter London was stillborn. A vocal advocate for families that have lost children or struggle to grow their families, Kristin has put a lot of her passion behind projects like her charity London is the Reason which is “an organization to support surrogates and intended parents that lost their babies.”

In January, Kristin and her husband welcomed baby Bexley into their family (and you can now keep up with her adorable adventures on Kristin’s Instagram), but London is still a big part of their lives—and Kristin’s latest project. An Angel Gave Us Our Angel is a children’s picture book. The story told from the perspective of Kristin’s dog, Gunner, is about how life goes on after a loss.

“Gunner was so excited to get a baby sister, and when we come home and we don’t have baby London, he has to learn that life is still moving, but London is always there in spirit. This is designed for children that may have lost a sibling and just knowing that they’re still there.”

Along with her excitement over seeing the book make its way into the world, Kristin is also happy to announce that all of the proceeds from the book go to her London is the Reason non-profit. “More on that coming soon!” She said in her announcement.

A book that hopes to provide a light story for explaining a complicated experience to children, An Angel Gave Us Our Angel is available to purchase now on Amazon.

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